WooCommerce and MYOB integration

MYOB WooCommerce connector

allows for the most complete automated synchronization between your website and versions of MYOB:

  • WooCommerce + MYOB AccountRight Classic

  • WooCommerce + MYOB AccountRight Live

  • WooCommerce + MYOB RetailManager


Automate data transfer

selecting the most popular features:

stock levels sync


export sales orders


import products

. More complex functionality supports B2B customer price groups, multiple currencies, quantity discounts, sales order status updates and many more.

Development and Installation
Before development on the project is started we offer free consultation or free demo with our specialist to understand all important details of your future

WordPress WooCommerce and MYOB module


Installation and configuration is provided by our authorized staff via remote screen sharing tool.

Automated data sync

will be configured and scheduled according to your business needs.

WooCommerce DataLink connector is also available for the following accounting software:
  • WooCommerce and Xero
  • WooCommerce and QuickBooks
  • WooCommerce and Sage 50
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select some of features
Upload products to the website
Upload MYOB products to WooCommerce, automatically update items - routinely or on demand.
By default we upload main product properties (such as name, Item Number, description,price, stock, images).
Upload stock levels to the website
Synchronize stock levels between MYOB and WooCommerce. Runs automatically, faster than full product information upload.
Support for product variants
Support for configurable products in WooCommerce. Required when you have several variations of one product (size, color options, etc.). Available with "Upload products to the website" feature only.
Support for price groups (B2B)
Upload product price lists from MYOB to WooCommerce. Available with "Upload products to the website" feature only.
Integration with multiple store fronts
Multiple store fronts (domains) within one WooCommerce system are connected to MYOB database.
Integration with multiple websites
Individual management of each WooCommerce website (separate WooCommerce systems) connected to MYOB database.
Download sales orders
Download WooCommerce transactions (sales orders, invoices, shipments) and relevant customer account information to MYOB.
Download products from the website
Download product information from WooCommerce into MYOB. Recommended when you have an empty MYOB product database as a one-off measure or when main product database is on the website.
Upload customer accounts to the website
Upload customer accounts from MYOB to WooCommerce website.
Customer details are updated by email address. By default new account is created when customer doesn't exist in WooCommerce.
Upload sales orders to the website
Off-line sales orders get uploaded from MYOB to WooCommerce, relevant customer records are get created or updated.
Update order status
Update online order status based on order status information from MYOB. Send an optional email notification to the customer once order status has been updated.
Support for multiple currencies
Support for multiple currencies in sales orders.
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