PrestaShop and MYOB integration

PrestaShop and MYOB integration

PrestaShop + MYOB connector

by DataLink is a powerful bi-directional integration tool that seamlessly combines the capabilities of

MYOB and PrestaShop

, enhancing both business productivity and customer experience.

Automate data transfer

with the following main features:
  • Synchronize products

    : effortlessly

    upload products from MYOB

    to PrestaShop.
  • Download sales orders

    : automatically transfer sales orders from PrestaShop to MYOB.
  • Automate stock updates

    : keep product quantities up-to-date by syncing from MYOB to PrestaShop continuously or on a set schedule.
  • Two-way order sync

    : synchronize orders between PrestaShop and MYOB.
  • Product sync:

    download products from PrestaShop

    to MYOB.
  • Customer details management: upload

    customer database from MYOB

    to PrestaShop or vise versa

    transfer customers to MYOB

  • Update sales order statuses

    : keep sales order statuses updated across both systems.
Supported MYOB Versions:

The DataLink connector integrates seamlessly with the latest versions of these MYOB products:

  • PrestaShop + MYOB AccountRight Classic
  • PrestaShop + MYOB AccountRight Live
  • PrestaShop + MYOB RetailManager

Additional Integrations

You can also find MYOB DataLink connectors for
on our website.

The PrestaShop + MYOB connector by DataLink ensures your business operations are streamlined, reducing manual tasks and ensuring your systems are always in sync, thus enhancing overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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