Shopify and MYOB integration

Shopify and MYOB integration

Shopify MYOB

DataLink is designed to automate data transfer between your Shopify store and various MYOB editions, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in your business operations.
Supported MYOB editions include:
  • Shopify + MYOB

    AccountRight Classic
  • Shopify + MYOB AccountRight Live

  • Shopify + MYOB RetailManager

Key Features:
  • Download sales orders

    : Automatically transfer sales orders from Shopify to MYOB.
  • Automate stock updates

    : Keep your inventory levels accurate by syncing product quantities from MYOB to Shopify.
  • Import product database

    : Seamlessly upload products from MYOB to Shopify.
  • Upload customer accounts

    : Sync customer information from MYOB to Shopify.
Shopify MYOB connector is a desktop application. Our staff provides remote installation and configuration free of charge. The system allows for a custom schedule to
automate data transfer
according to your specific business needs.

Compatibility with Other Accounting Software:

integration module
also supports:
  • Shopify and Sage 50
  • Shopify and QuickBooks

By automating data transfers, the Shopify MYOB DataLink streamlines your e-commerce and accounting processes, minimizing manual entry and ensuring your systems are always in sync.

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