OpenCart and MYOB integration

OpenCart and MYOB integration

OpenCart MYOB

DataLink connector provides bi-directional data synchronization, enabling seamless integration between your OpenCart eCommerce platform and various MYOB versions, including AccountRight Classic, AccountRight Live, and RetailManager.

MYOB and OpenCart connector

key features:
  • Automated stock updates

    : keep your inventory levels accurate with automatic updates from MYOB to OpenCart.
  • Sales orders download

    : transfer sales orders from OpenCart to MYOB, including relevant customer and product information.
  • Product management

    : upload essential product details from

    MYOB to OpenCart

    , ensuring consistency across platforms.

Flexible Scheduling

Each DataLink feature can be scheduled individually, allowing for convenient and

automated data transfers

that align with your business operations.

By using the OpenCart MYOB DataLink connector, you can streamline your data management processes, reduce manual entry, and maintain synchronized data across your e-commerce and accounting systems, enhancing overall efficiency and accuracy.

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