X-Cart and MYOB integration

X-Cart and MYOB integration


DataLink offers a fully automated solution to seamlessly integrate your X-Cart webstore with various MYOB versions, streamlining your business operations and ensuring data accuracy.
  • Products:

    automated products upload

    from MYOB to X-Cart
  • Sales orders:

    sync sales from X-Cart

    to MYOB
  • Inventory: automatically keep track of inventory levels in real-time
  • Customers:

    upload customer accounts

    from MYOB to X-Cart
Supported MYOB Versions:
  • X-Cart + MYOB

    AccountRight Classic
  • X-Cart + MYOB AccountRight Live
  • X-Cart + RetailManager

Installation and Configuration

The DataLink module is installed and configured during remote session with our authorized team member. Once set up,
data synchronization
operates automatically according to a predefined schedule, ensuring your systems remain up-to-date with minimal manual intervention.

The X-Cart MYOB DataLink connector enhances your business productivity by automating key processes, reducing manual data entry, and maintaining accurate, synchronized data across your e-commerce and accounting platforms.

from £395.00
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