OpenCart Sage 200 integration

OpenCart Sage 200 integration

Syncing your

Sage 200 and OpenCart

results in a fully integrated solution that enables sales orders download, stock levels updates as well as comprehensive product management.
Should you require for the package solution or for a custom built

OpenCart Sage 200.


integration project, DataLink connector we created totally allows that.


data synchronization:

  • Download OpenCart sales orders

    and customer account details into Sage 50.  
  • Update stock levels

    from Sage 200 to OpenCart
  • Import product catalogue

    from Sage 200 into OpenCart
You can also

automate data transfer

by using the following:

transfer customers to Sage 200,

update sales orders status,

upload special prices

from Sage 200,

import products from OpenCart.

OpenCart can be also integrated with the following Accounting packages:

from £395.00
a quote

You can also integrate Sage 200 with...