Trueloaded and Sage 200 integration

Trueloaded and Sage 200 integration

TrueLoaded Sage 200

DataLink streamlines your business processes, assisting with inventory control, warehouse management, invoice processing and overseeing overall performance.
In DataLink we understand that every business is unique and has its own way of using

TrueLoaded + Sage

200 hence our solution can be customized to meet your requirements.

Automate data synchronization

  • Sales:

    automatically download sales

    orders from Trueloaded eCommerce into Sage 200.
  • Products: import/export main product details.
  • Customers:

    synchronisation of customer data

    between TrueLoaded and Sage 200.
  • Stock levels:

    automated transfer

    of product quantities from Sage 200 to TrueLoaded.
Other features allow
update sales
order statuses,
download customers
database from Sage 200 or import sales orders from Sage 200.
from £395.00
a quote

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