eBay/Amazon Sage 200 integration

Ebay Amazon
eBay/Amazon Sage 200 integration

eBay Amazon and Sage 200

accounting software separately can limit the potential of your multi-channel strategy.

eBay Amazon + Sage 200

DataLink connector is designed to centralize and streamline your operations, maximizing efficiency and accuracy across all platforms. You can

manage products

, variations, pricing, images, categories, keywords and other product attributes right from the eBay and

Amazon connector

Centralize inventory across multiple channels:

synchronize product data

from Sage 200 to a cloud-based interface, allowing you to edit data for eBay and Amazon accounts seamlessly;

download sales

data from eBay and Amazon into Sage 200.

Highly flexible: pre-configured package can be customized to fit your business needs.

Powerful integration

: designed to handle large volumes of transactions efficiently.

The eBay Amazon + Sage 200 DataLink connector centralizes your inventory management across multiple channels, enhancing your ability to synchronize and edit product data, manage sales, and maintain accurate records. This integration provides a robust solution tailored to the demands of high-volume e-commerce operations, ensuring your business runs smoothly and effectively.

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