VirtueMart and Sage 50 integration

VirtueMart and Sage 50 integration

VirtueMart and Sage 50

connector by DataLink is an excellent tool for integrating your online business with your Sage accounting package. This integration ensures that

Sage 50 + VirtueMart

work seamlessly together, eliminating manual errors and enhancing business efficiency and customer experience.


Automate data transfer

to benefit from the following:
  • Automate Stock Updates

    : Keep your inventory levels accurate by automatically updating stock levels from Sage 50 to VirtueMart.
  • Download Sales Orders

    : Easily download sales orders from VirtueMart into Sage 50 for efficient order management.
  • Synchronize Customers:

    Synchronise Sage 50 and VirtueMart

    customer information to maintain consistent and up-to-date customer data.
  • Sync Products

    : Upload and update product information from Sage 50 to VirtueMart, ensuring your online store always has the latest product details.

Recommended Features for Small to Medium Businesses

For small to medium businesses, the most beneficial

data synchronization:

features include:
  • Sales Orders and Stock Levels Update

    : Regularly update sales orders and stock levels to keep your operations running smoothly.
  • Products Upload

    : Ensure that your product listings are always current by uploading the latest product information from Sage 50 to VirtueMart.

Custom Features

DataLink also offers custom features to further enhance your integration, including:

  • Update Sales Order Statuses

    : Keep track of order statuses by automatically updating them between VirtueMart and Sage 50.
  • Download Customer Database: Transfer your entire

    customer database from Sage 50

    to VirtueMart.
  • Import Customer Sales Order History: Import historical sales order data from Sage 50 to VirtueMart for comprehensive customer insights.

Additional Integrations

DataLink also supports integration of VirtueMart with other accounting software, including:

Integrating VirtueMart with Sage 50 using DataLink provides a robust and efficient solution for managing your online business. By automating data transfer and synchronization, you can save time, reduce errors, and focus on growing your business. DataLink's flexible and comprehensive integration options ensure that your business operations are always streamlined and up-to-date.

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