James Wilkins
The Christadelphian

Magento 2 integration with Sage 50

"WebDataLink have provided a fantastic service for us at The Christadelphian with great support and quick bug fixes. Their flexibility and willingness to adapt their modules to meet our needs put them well above the competition and I'd have no hesitation about recommending them to others. We'll definitely be using them for more projects in the future!"
Lee Brackell

Magento 2 DataLink for Sage 50

"We have been using WebDataLink for years and never had a problem, recently we required an upgrade and the people at WebDataLink did it for us, it was very easy and they have once again delivered a great service. Thanks again Anton and Anna for your help"
Donna Gentile

VirtueMart DataLink for QuickBooks

"I would just like to take this opportunity to say thank you to DataLink for their quick and accurate service.  When we were in need of a third party software to work between our webstore and accounting software we were happy to find DataLink, their Customer Support Team and Technicians at the ready to help us.  Much to my surprise the software we needed was made to order with the specifications we needed!  And although we are multiple time zones apart the support department at DataLink went above and beyond to meet our needs regardless of the time differences.  As I work for a cyber security training organization which has training centers around the world I have a great appreciation for the technical work as well as the willingness to be available regardless the time of day. I cannot say thank you enough for the excellent work and personal yet professional responses received from DataLink.  Sincerely, Donna Gentile, Mile2 Controller"
Grace Rice
Angel’s Face & Little Linens

DataLink Connector for PrestaShop and Sage Line 50


We used Holbi/datalink to connect our Ecommerce site to sage accounts so orders and stock would sync automatically. This has saved us 100's of hours of manually entering orders etc. We found them to be very knowledgeable and quick to help when we redesigned the website and upgraded to a new server and this caused some glitches with the datalink software. Everything was back up and running quickly. I would highly recommend this company to anyone.

Anthony Temporal
Soake Ltd.

DataLink Connector for Magento and Sage 50

"I have been looking at ways to synchronise our website to our accounts system but I did not find the perfect solution until now. Holbi took my details, my requirements and asked about my timescale. Within minutes a quote was received and within days it was up and running. We had a few teething issues but they were sorted out straight away. If you are running a Magento website and have SAGE for your accounts then do not go any further than Holbi."
Geoff Martyn, Website Manager

DataLink Connector for Sage 50/Shopify/Amazon

"As an independent web developer, I was asked by one of my clients (Red Torpedo) to source a solutions provider to integrate Amazon marketplace and Shopify with their Sage 50 accounting software. Having looked at several different solutions, Anna and the team at Datalink were the obvious choice. Now that the project is complete, I can also say they were meticulous in their attention to detail and a pleasure to work with."
Anthony Exeter
Swish Design and Graphics

DataLink connector for Zen Cart and MYOB

"Anton was amazing - extremely patient through a job that threw up a lot of curve balls. I would definitely recommend him."
Jerzy Zywicki
Z-Wave Home Automation Australia

DataLink Connector for Joomla /VirtueMart and MYOB

"With a great help from DataLink UK we have deployed datalink to synchronize our two online websites with the financial system, almost two years ago. As we run our websites on different platforms, one is CubeCart and the other one is Joomla / VirtueMart based, and our MYOB app is in the latest cloud based version, the solution was not trivial. DataLink offered us prompt and professional help to design custom solution based on datalink, deployed it and supported very well since then. Thanks to this integration we have been able to grow our business, streamline the back-office processes, and offer much better customer support in terms of order processing and speed of the delivery. I can highly recommend DataLink UK services."
Patrick McCrudden

DataLink Connector for Magento and Sage 200

"Our company is one of the largest plastic manufacturers within the UK with over 6000 variants in our product lines. We invested quite a lot of money into our websites but found the integration between Magento and our Sage 200 system was terrible. Fortunately we contacted Sage support who directed us to DataLink and from my first conversation with Anton all of our problems are now no more. Our company now considers the DataLink team as part of our technical department and we discuss our continued development with them making sure we listen to their advice. The whole team at DataLink are extremely focused and knowledgeable in their works and quickly connected their systems to our in a matter of days thereby solving many of our problems. We have extended the DataLink system into our Spanish website and will also continue to expand our brand into Germany, Italy and France in 2016 and will use DataLink as our primary service provider to ensure speedy transaction, Sage 200 connectivity and more. One very important point to make here is that the DataLink team where very generous in offering their time to assist with not just DataLink issues but was involved in the connection output of our courier company DPD. Right now we have a special prefix for our Caterline products and another for our plastic products created by DataLink which identifies each customer and the products they buy from us. This allows us as a company to share specific customer information in the form of a csv file allowing us to print the box dispatch label with the name, address and postcode of the customer and dispatch note simultaneously thereby reducing the need for 4 staff in our warehouse department. There is only one word which I can use to describe this company: Brilliant."
Simon Waters

DataLink Connector for X-Cart and Sage 50

"Since we started using Datalink to integrate multiple websites based on X-Cart with Sage 50, our manual workload and data entry workflow has become far more streamlined with far fewer errors. The Datalink team are fast to act on any issues we have and their technical knowledge and support is fantastic and quick. I’d highly recommend Datalink to anyone using X-Cart and Sage 50."
Jason Ham

DataLink Connector for VirtueMart and MYOB AccountRight Live

"Having just built a new website with over 10,000 products, with products in different sizes and colours as well as different price levels depending on size of order and not to mention that we buy from numerous suppliers from different countries, we needed to team up with a company that could not only understand what we needed, but also exceed out expectations! Our website is custom built due to the complexities of our services and products and for this reason, I was sceptical as to the job meeting our needs. Without reservation, I can highly recommend Holbi. They were able to deliver a professional product that worked 100% which was supported with brilliant service. Thank you to Anton and the team at Holbi for saving us hours of data entry with a click of a button."
Patrick Pierre

DataLink Connector for Magento and MYOB

"Prior to using the Datalink MYOB sync application, updating MYOB was a time consuming task of having to manually re-enter all products, purchase orders and also customer orders from Magento to MYOB.The team at Datalink worked with us to create a custom solution to meet our business needs. We now have an automated process of creating products, purchase orders and customer orders in MYOB.Although located overseas, Datalink still provided all the necessary support to manage any issues we faced. They were prompt with their email responses and would also be available to perform remote sessions to fix any issues in their application."
David Waite

DataLink Connector for TrueLoaded and Sage 50

"Datalink is the kind of firm you really want to do business with! Due to their technical background and business skills they have helped us to grow our business by improving efficiency, eliminating errors and reducing costs. Especially regarding Sales Ledger tasks such as customer records, account creation and invoicing, all of which are now created at source and processed automatically. Datalink always strive to meet our needs and I would recommend them as a provider of a quality product whilst providing excellent after sales service."

DataLink Connector

"DataLink is now an essential part of our business and saves us hours of work every day. Our web store is pretty complicated with a lot of modifications and DataLink is the only software we have found that can handle it. The support is also excellent and they are always happy to help with any custom modifications we need."
Tin Lay

DataLink Connector for Sage 50

"I would say that using web datalink for sage line 50 has greatly simplified the process and saved us time and money. By letting the professionals at DataLink to do what they do best It allows us to focus on our core business operations and deliver great results for our clients - everyone wins!"
Mike Wilson-Jones

DataLink Connector for Sage 50

"The setting up of our ecommerce shop to sell our books and CDs was very straightforward with Datalink and we have gone on to use the site, with a few small changes, to sell tickets for our events. Of particular benefit to us has been the Datalink/Sage interface which was simple to set up with the help of the Datalink team. It gives us a complete invoice history of the transactions and a full audit trail of the financial activities in Sage without the need for manual intervention."
Julie Leahy
Body Exchange Ltd

DataLink Connector

"Using Datalink made an incredible difference to our business. Gone where the days of monotonous data entry, with just a few simple clicks all data is transferred without any errors, and exactly to your requirements! It really revolutionised our business & allowed us to get on with more important things, like selling!"

DataLink connector for Magento and Sage 50

"Datalink has allowed us to get true Financial reporting via Sage from our Magento Web Site. Moving to Magento has allowed considerable growth within our business, but was a nightmare getting true information for tax reporting and end of year accounts, until we discovered Datalink's Sage Accounts product. Datalink professionally delivered the product on time, and also cares about its customers long term with great after sales support."
Phil Cunneywort

Custom DataLink Connector

"Just a few words to say a big thank you for the excellent job you did modifying Web DataLink software to work with Sunshop php cart. It is now working perfectly and saving me hours of work, and at the same time eliminating typing errors and keeping the prices up to date on the site. I am thrilled with the results and I would recommend your company to anyone (except the competition)."
Alan Miles

DataLink Connector for Sage 50

"On average it took someone 7 mins to load an order received on our Zen cart based store to Sage accounts, with our number of orders per day increasing rapidly and our stock of adhesive tapes increasing to over 500 we needed a solution to import the orders from Zen cart to sage on the fly. That is where datalink uk stepped in with a complete solution tailored to our needs, we had the solution installed , tested and working in a matter of hours from first contact with datalink, who were the only company to respond with a solution. It has saved our company hundreds of man hours and allows us to get on with running the company. We can highly recommend this product to anyone who uses online stores and Sage accounts."
Mike Parker

DataLink Connector for Sage 50

"When our client needed to integrate their online shop with Sage 50 Accounts we choose Web Data Link. The client install was a snap, configuration was both obvious and intuitive. The server components were installed for us. And when our client unexpectedly upgraded Sage to version 13, Holbi were ready with an upgrade to the client. Web Data Link has allowed for our client to add an online outlet to their business without the need to change or modify any of there internal sales procedures. Needless to say we're very happy with the product and the levels of support."