Looking for a better Ecommerce platform to automate processes and fully integrate with the rest of the business software? Look no further – Holbi is a specialist in replatforming.
We understand the pain and the gain of moving to a new Ecommerce platform.
First we learn more about the business, and can organize an on-site visit to get to know the finest details. Complete proposal is made, explaining the benefits and process of replatforming.
Data (current and historical) is carefully migrated. We look after on-site SEO during this process. Payment and shipping solutions get integrated, and so are all required 3rd party solutions. Hosting solution gets designed and implemented. Security and data safety are of highest importance.
All stakeholders and personnel involved into working with the platform get trained to use it; electronic manuals are provided and on-site visits can be scheduled for training.
Once the new Ecommerce platform goes live, we offer continuous support and maintenance to ensure it is always up to date, with the latest fixes and new features, and of course always happy to discuss further improvements as your business grows.
Start a conversation today with Holbi’s business development team!