ShopWare and Mamut integration

ShopWare Mamut

DataLink streamlines your business’s accounting processes. Main functionality allows you to

integrate ShopWare

sales orders information with Mamut.

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Upload products to the website
Upload Mamut product database to Shopware, automatically update it - routinely or on demand.
By default we upload main product properties (such as name, SKU, description,price, stock, images).
Upload stock levels to the website
Synchronize stock levels between Mamut and Shopware. Runs automatically, faster than full product information upload.
Support for product variants
Supports configurable products in Shopware. Required when you have several variations of one product (size, color options, etc.). Available with "Upload products to the website" feature only.
Download sales orders
Download Shopware sales orders and relevant customer account information to Mamut.
Multi languges updating from Mamut to site
Multilingual support for product name and description.
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