Upload products to site

Upload main product properties (such as name, Product Model, description,price, stock, images, etc) to PrestaShop from Mamut. Creates new products or updates existing products by Product Model (Product No in Mamut).

Upload stock levels to site

Synchronize stock levels between Mamut and PrestaShop. Runs automatically, faster than full product information upload.

Support for Multiple front ends Implementation of additional sites (per site)

Management of multiple front ends, payment is due per implementation of every additional front end.

Download sales orders

Download customer account information and full sale order details from PrestaShop.

Download products from site

Downloads product information from PrestaShop into Mamut. Recommended for when you have an empty Mamut product database as a one-off measure.

Upload Customer accounts to site

Update customer details from Mamut by email address, or create new customer accounts on PrestaShop.

Upload sale orders to site

Upload sale order details from Mamut to PrestaShop. Requires order range to be specified (by Mamut order ID). Off-line orders get uploaded to PrestaShop, with online orders being updated. Customer accounts also get created or updated.

Additional Requirements:

Discount :
Grand Total:.ex. of VAT

Pre-Paid Support for DataLink

At Holbi Group Ltd we provide guaranteed services. In a very unlikely event of an error in the DataLink product we will investigate the issue and fix it as soon as possible and free of charge.

We have also prepared the following Support Plan to offer our customers additional services and cover of certain situations:

  • change of ERP / Accounting software version
  • change of URLs and access details on the site
  • installation and configuration
  • priority Support Tickets (guaranteed response within 24 business hours)

Contact us today to subscribe to our Support plan