Add products to eBay (fixed price listing)

Create, edit and manage eBay auctions in moments using customised listing templates from your existing online store. With our extended product listing options designed for eBay, you will avoid re-typing product descriptions, item attributes as well as auction settings (such as a shipping cost per item, predefined or custom item specifics and more).

Re-list or remove products on eBay

Enable automated re-listing or removal of products on eBay once the auction time limit has expired, or should the product inventory fall below a designated level.

Export stock levels to eBay

Export stock levels to eBay automatically. This feature will keep stock levels on Amazon continuously updated with current stock levels in your store back end, eliminating the risk of overselling.

Download transactions from eBay to site, send predefined Feedback message

Import transaction data (including not paid orders) from eBay to your site back end.

Group eBay transactions on site (group eBay transactions covered by 1 PayPal payment), send predefined Feedback message

Full support for group eBay transactions with one PayPal payment

Import customer information from eBay to site

Collect customer information such as names, eMail addresses, etc.

Upload shipping details to eBay

Provide your eBay customers with full visibility into their current order status. This feature will automatically export order shipping information (including current order status as well as a tracking number if applicable) on your eBay account.

Upload products variation (colour, size) to eBay

Full support for products with variations (colour, size, etc.). Create listings with a pop-up window and drop-down menus for customers to pick products with different variations (SKUs) in a much more convenient and easier way. (depends on eBay product category as well as a country-specific eBay version such as us, uk, de and au.)

Calculated shipping option for US eBay

Avoid pricing based on the fixed per-item shipping calculation which is available by default. This feature will provide you with shipping costs right from the shipping company due to deliver the order. US-based merchants will appreciate this calculated shipping option.

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Pre-Paid Support for DataLink

We provide guaranteed services, in a very unlikely event of an error in DataLink product we will investigate the issue and fix it as soon as possible and free of charge.

We have also prepared Support Plan to offer our customers additional services and cover of certain situations:

  • update DataLink to latest ERP / Accounting software version
  • change of URLs and access details on the site
  • assistance with installation and configuration
  • priority Support Tickets (guaranteed response within 24 business hours)
  • troubleshooting 
  • 10 support hours available within 1 year period 

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